Mobile Printing Solutions With HP

Review the below given information to know more about the mobile printing solutions with HP printers. Connect your smart devices like mobile phones and tablets to your HP printer in a wireless network. The mobile printing solutions are the easiest at to access the printing functionalities using your smart devices.

Visit the site to check the mobile printing solutions that are compatible with your printer. Type the model number in the search box and you will be navigated to the product home page. On the left side of the page, click on the product information. A link Mobile printing solutions that are compatible with HP printers below the title “all featured contents” is available.

click on the link and all the printers will be listed based upon their types such as OfficeJet, DeskJet and many more. Click the + sign to check for your printer model number. Review the given information and find the model number. Read the below given article to know more about mobile printing solutions.

  1. HP Smart app

HP Smart app was formerly known as HP AiO Printer Remote app. You can setup your printer on a wireless network using the HP Smart app to print, scan and resolve printer issues by trouble shooting. This app is available for both Android and Apple iOS devices.

  1. HP ePrint

HP ePrint is a free cloud based service that helps to you print from anywhere. The requirements are an active internet connection, printer that is compatible with HP ePrint service. You just need to send the file as an attachment with email to your printer’s email address. The attachment will be printed by the printer.

  1. HP ePrint app

You can download the ePrint app on your Amazon fire and Android devices. Use the cloud services such as Dropbox and Google drive from anywhere with an internet access to print photos, documents, webpages and email all through the app.

  1. HP Print for Chrome

With the help of Chrome app, print through the Google browser, Chrome device or Chrome book to your HP printer connected on the same network.

The Google Cloud print need not be enabled as the printing is done on the local networks only.

  1. HP Print Service Plugin

Connect to a wireless network or Wi-Fi direct to use the Print service plugin. You need a printer that supports the print service plugin. You can use the HP print service plugin to print photos, documents, emails or webpage from your Android devices on a wireless network.

  1. HP Wireless direct

You need to connect the internet connection and use the HP wireless direct to connect your printer. Use the wireless direct connection, print files to your printer.

Use the HP wireless direct to connect your printer without the joining the local network or internet connection. Activate the HP wireless direct on your printer and print files to your printer using the direct wireless connection securely.

  1. Amazon fire devices

The Mopria print service is supported by amazon fire devices and HP printers. So the Amazon fire devices use Mopria print service as a mobile printing standard. Print from your Amazon fire device to your HP printer over a network or use the Wi-Fi Direct connection.

  1. Apple AirPrint

Print using your Apple iOS devices with the help of a mobile printing solution called the Apple AirPrint. The printers released after 2010 are compatible and supports the HP AirPrint. Print from the Apple iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

  1. Google Cloud Print

Register to the Google’s cloud based printing services to print using the Chrome browser. You need not install any special software or drivers for the Google Cloud print as it is a free web service to print your file on the device with the help of internet connection.

  1. Mopria Print service

Mopria printer service is a mobile printing standard used by the HP printers and Amazon fire devices. Print using your Android mobile by activating the Mopria print service over a wireless network or direct wireless connection to the printer. Get the Mopria print service from the Google play store for free.

  1. NFC Touch-to-print

NFC touch to print is similar to the Bluetooth. You can easily print to your printer using the Android mobile devices without the help of internet connection.

Near Field communication is a set of standards for mobiles devices, where one-to-one wireless connection is established when the mobile devices and printer are close together. You can wirelessly share the contents between the device and mobile printer.

  1. Samsung Print Service Plugin

You can download the Samsung Print service plugin from the Google play store for free. This app will help you to print from your Android device to the printer using either a Wi-Fi Direct connection or Wi-Fi network.

  1. USB on-The-Go(OTG) printing

<pstyle=”font-size: 21px; line-height: 30px; font-family: ‘Goudy Old Style’; color: #000000; text-align: justify;”>The Android devices support the On-the-Go printing. The USB OTG is not supported by the windows mobile or Apple iOS devices. You need a printer that supports the USB on-the-Go printing and an Android device with version 4.0 or later version

  1. Wi-Fi Direct

To use Wi-fi direct, you need to activate it on your printer. Files are transferred securely at greater distance and faster speeds. You don’t need an active internet connection to transfer the files.

  1. Windows 10 mobile

The built-in printing solution is provided with Windows 10 mobile by HP. You can easily print files from the Windows 10 mobile to the HP printers.