HP Support Assistant

HP support Assistant is a software program to keep your computer in working order, prevent the problems and resolve issues quickly. When you need information about the system, the HP support assistant will provide valuable system information required during troubleshoot.

You can also  manage your HP devices in one place and gain access to updates, messages, troubleshooters and fixes, warranty and services, specifications, accessories, support resource for your computer devices.


Download the most current version from http://www.hp.com/go/hpsupportassistant,  if you have issues in your old software. The most current version is for HP Support Assistant.

You should maintain your HP devices with automated support, updates and fixes provided by HP support assistant which is a built-in support for your PCs and printers.

The HP support Assistant provides automatic updates to improve the performance and reliability of your PCs and printers with automatic firmware and driver


updates. Configure your options to install updates automatically or to notify updates when available.

You can resolve any issues by using the HP Support Assistant’s troubleshooter and automated fixes. The HP support Assistant will provide sufficient help  or help you to find support resources specific to your device.


From the My devices tab, you  can manage your HP connected devices. Create a new account or sign in with your HP passport credentials to gain access to all your registered devices. Add your family members to the list, so that you can keep track of new messages or updates for them.

HP support Assistant is on your new HP desktops and laptops. You can also install it on other PC’s to gain access and support resources for HP printers. Just click the ? icon on your system tray and open the HP Support Assistant or download it from the http://www.hp.com/go/hpsupportassistant,


To open HP Support Assistant

Follow the below instructions to open the HP Support Assistant.

Search for HP Support Assistant in your Windows and open it. If you are opening for the first time, a Welcome to HP Support Assistant windows opens. It contains default settings. Modify the settings if you desire and click Next.

A quick tutorial displays the overview of HP Support Assistant. Sign in with your HP Passport account to get access to support resources for all your registered devices.  Click Create an HP Passport profile to create your profile. Finish the setup by entering the necessary information and remember the password.  Click Save.

Enter your User ID and password in your Sign in Screen and click Sign in. To create a new profile, click Create. Click Settings at the top of the HP support Window to open the Settings. You can change the settings from the Settings Windows.