HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer Setup

Follow the below given instructions to setup your OfficeJet Pro printer. Compare the packaging list and the hardware materials that are shipped along with your printer. Check whether all the materials mentioned in the package are available. This is because the products may vary by country/region. Then start the hardware setup like unboxing the printer, paper loading in the input tray, ink cartridge installation and more. You can move to the software installation after these steps.


Unpacking the printer

Remove the printer from the box and check whether it is the correct printer model. Remove the stickers, tapes and packing materials from outside and inside the printer. Open the scanner lid to remove all the packing material from inside the printer. Before discarding the package box, make sure you have removed all the hardware materials from the package. Close the scanner lid and output tray. Send the packing materials to recycle.

Power cord connections

Disconnect the USB cable between the printer and computer. One end of the power cord should be connected to the rear of the printer and other end of the power cord to the electrical outlet.

Turn on the printer and computer. Make sure the printer is in working state. Set your preferences by clicking the language and other country/region. Click Yes to confirm your choice to change date and time.

It is recommended to disconnect the USB cable when you are connecting the power cord and installing the software. Connect one end of the power cord to the rear of the printer and other end to power source.

Ink cartridge installation

Remove the packaging material to get the ink cartridge and install the cartridges by opening the cartridge access door.

Turn the ink cartridges so that the ink cartridge contacts face downward and match the label with the color dot on the carriage. Repeat the same steps to install the for all the other ink cartridges.

You have to turn the ink cartridge so that the ink cartridge contacts face downward, and then match the label color with the color dot on the carriage.

Load the paper

Insert the stack of A4 sheets into the paper tray by pulling the input tray towards you. Slide the paper width guide so that it rests against the edges of the paper.
Align the printer by extending the tray and touch OK. Print the alignment page and eject it from the printer. Lift the scanner lid and place the alignment page with the print side down on the scanner glass. Close the scanner lid and position it accordingly around the glass. Click Scan.

Software Installation

Download the latest version of the software from the support website hp.support.com . Type your printer model number and click the search icon.

You will be navigated to the product home page. You have to select the software and drivers tab in the left side of the web page and click Go.

The software and driver download page consists of many download methods. You can either download only the basic driver or you can go for the full feature driver. It is recommended to download the full feature software driver.

Click the Download option and download will start. Run the downloaded file as administrator and finish the installation setup by following the instructions that appear on screen.