HP OfficeJet 4630 Printer Software Installation Without CD

Software installation of your HP OfficeJet 4630 printer can be done in many ways. You can visit the website either support.hp.com or 123.hp.com . Both the sites provide way to download the most current version of your software and you will also get updates for your printer software regularly.

Software installation using the CD that is shipped with printer is an  alternative method.  But it requires a CD/DVD drive and the software may be outdated or the older version of your printer software. The easiest way to install the software and driver is to visit any of the above mentioned sites. Follow the below instructions to install the software without CD

  • Enter the URL in your web browser to visit the HP Printer home page. You can also search the tag “HP OfficeJet 4630 printer software download” in your search engine.
  • Select the one that appears first on your web page in the search results. You will be navigated to the HP support page. Follow the below instructions if you are in support.hp.com
  • Type your printer model number in the search box and click the search icon next to the search box. You will be navigated to the product home page that is the OfficeJet 4630 printer home page.
  • Check whether the software and drivers tab in the left side of the web page is selected. If it is not selected, click on the software and drivers tab.
  • You will see a Go Click on the button to visit the software downloads page. There are many download options available for you such as full feature software, basic driver, HP Easy start and many more.
  • You can choose any of the printer software download options mentioned above. Each options are unique and provides various download types.
  • The information such as type, version, operating system compatible, release date and file name of the software.
  • The full feature software enables you to download the complete set of drivers, installer and optional software available. The size of the full feature software is 162.6 MB
  • The basic driver includes the driver-only software solution intended for customers who need a basic driver to use with their HP Printer. The file size of the basic driver is 32.3 MB
  • You can also download the firmware update as it increases the user experience. The enhancements are networking security, enabled protected management frame router connection and miscellaneous minor defects.
  • Other types of downloads are HP ePrint software downloads to install the HP eprint software and utility diagnostic tools to resolve the issues in your printer automatically.
  • HP Easy start is the driver installation app that simplifies the download and install process for Mac-supported printers.
  • The features are posted on HP downloads page for most Mac operating system versions instead of a full feature print driver.
  • You can also download the plug and play driver to automatically install the printer driver and the USB port. It provides basic printer functionality.
  • Some other driver type are Host based driver, PostScript driver and PCL6 USB driver.
  • The plug and play driver automatically installs the printer driver and the USB port. Download any one of the above mentioned driver and software.
  • Run the downloaded file on your desktop. You will notice that the printer install wizard dialog box on your screen.
  • Click Yes in the User Account control window. Follow the onscreen instructions and complete the software installation.
  • The agreements and settings screen will appear on the beginning of installation. Mark the check box in the Installation and Agreement setting dialog box to continue to the next step.
  • Connect the USB cable with your printer and computer. The USB cable connection is optional. You can skip this step .
  • To connect the printer, start screen launch the HP printer software on your Windows computer. Click the Utilities menuà Printer setup & software. Finish the setup by following the on-screen instructions.