HP OfficeJet 100 Printer Setup

If you need print on the move, though, you can still use an inkjet by carrying a device like HP’s OfficeJet 100 Mobile. The two ink and head cartridges clip into carriers, though insertion is a little more tricky than usual, due to tiny spring arms which have to be depressed by the cartridges as you are pushing and the other for draft mode. The black print speed is 4.6 pages per minute but raised more when the document page increased.

In fact, although not specifically mentioned in the spec sheet, basic support for photo printing is available to iPhone and Android devices, too. Printer drivers are offered for Windows, OS X, Windows Mobile and Linux and HP also includes its toolbox, which provides basic head cleaning, and alignment, as well as ink-usage displays.

HP quotes 5ppm for laser quality black print, and since there’s little difference in quality we could see between laser and normal modes, this speed is a good match to the spec. Color print is quoted at 3.5ppm but our five-page test only gave 1.8ppm, so quite a bit slower. In objective terms, though, these speeds aren’t too bad for a portable printer.

A 15 x 10cm photo print completed in 1:55, which is also fair. This is a well engineered little printer, though it’s a bit big to be a truly mobile machine. If you need to have print facilities with you when travelling, you may not have much choice between this machines Print quality is even, speed is usually good and the inclusion of a Lithium ion battery means you’re not tied to main power.


Initially open the packing box. The flutter should be folded back to detach the things inside the box easily. Check for the accessories available in the box and take the accessories from the box. Keep it aside. Remove the printer from the box. Send the packing materials to recycling.

You will find the software installation CD in the packing box. You can use the installation CD to install the HP OfficeJet 100 printer software or visit 123.hp.com to download the most up-to-date software version available for your printer model. Remove the packaging materials like tapes, stickers and many more from the inside of the printer carefully. Close the scanner lid after removing the materials.

The control panel will have a thin piece of film on the control panel. Slide out the input tray and remove the tap from the tray. The paper width guide should be adjusted accordingly. The input tray should be closed until it locks into its place.

After removing the packing materials, setup the hardware connection such as connecting the power cord between the printer and power outlet. Select the language and country/region to complete the setup. The ink cartridges should be installed properly and load a stack of papers into the main tray. Print the alignment page to check the whether the alignments are proper or not.

Download and install the printer software from 123.hp.com or support.hp.com. You can download the HP OfficeJet 100 printer software from both the webites. Choose any one website. Choose the software either a full feature software or only basic driver and select the operating system to initialise the HP OfficeJet 100 printer software.