HP OfficeJet 100 Offline Error

Sometimes your HP OfficeJet 100 printer might go offline suddenly and you do not know the reason.  The printer offline error occurs due to the miscommunication with computer. The network conditions also play a vital role in making the printer offline. Utilize the below given information to trouble shoot the HP OfficeJet 100 printer offline error.

  1. Using the Utility tool to fix the Offline error.

HP Print and Scan Doctor is a utility provided by HP to fix the errors that occur during printing.  You can download the HP Print and Scan Doctor by copying and pasting the link http://ftp.hp.com/pub/printers/hppsdr/patches/HPPSdr.exe in your web browser. The Print and Scan doctor will open. Respond after reading the information on the screen. You will find a solution for your printer problem.

  1. Setting your printer as default printer.

Turn off and turn your printer. Search for   in Windows and search for your originally installed printer. You can continue to the next step if you find a grey or color icon displaying with a green check mark.

Right-click the icon and select Set as Default Printer if a color or grey icon is shown without a check mark. Click See What’s Printing after right-clicking on the icon for the default printer.

Click Printer after the Print queue window opens. If you see a checkmark displaying next to Pause Printing and Use Printer Offline, click each item to eliminate the check mark.

  1. Restart your printer

Switch off the printer, computer and wait for a few minutes. Remove the USB cable from the printer. Detach the power cord from both the rear of the printer and the power outlet.  Connect the USB cable with printer and computer after some time. Connect the power cord with the printer and the power source. Check whether the printer is connected to computer or the network. Connect the HP OfficeJet 100 printer in either wired or wireless or USB connection.

  1. Selecting the correct port

Search for Devices and Printer in Windows. Open the Device and Printer screen by clicking on the icon. Select Printer Properties and right-click your HP OfficeJet 100 printer name. Now the Properties window will open automatically.

  1. Updating the firmware

You have to check for the firmware update regularly to avoid the malfunctioning of the HP OfficeJet 100 printer.

  1. Manual network connection

Connect the network manually if you have connected your printer on a network connection either wired or wireless type. Print the configuration report or wireless test report from your HP OfficeJet 100 printer. Print the report from network settings or network setup menu.

According to the network connection type, check the network status on the print out. If the connection status is connected, move on. Otherwise, disconnect the printer from your network to start a new connection.

Use the User guide to search the HP website for your HP OfficeJet 100 model.

IP address, subnet mask and Default gateway are some of the information for your printer network that has to be gathered from the printout. Click Network or Networking tab and open the page for your network type either wireless or wired.

Clack Manual IP and clack Manual IP address to load mechanically. If you do not have an alternative like that, type the IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway using the information revealed in the report you printed. Click Apply and try to connect to the network manually