HP Envy 5646 Wireless Printer Setup

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Envy 5646 Printer Wireless connectivity in Mac and Windows OS

Reliable wireless connectivity and lightning-fast set up with dual-band Wi-Fi and BluetoothSmart.

To connect wirelessly with the HP Envy 5646 printer on your Windows or Mac OS, get to know about the preparation and installation step to proceed further.

Initially, you have to collect some of the important requirements such as network name, network password. The network name is also called as SSID (Service Set Identifier) and the network password is the WEP or WPA pass phrase.  You have to make sure that your computer is connected to a wireless network. HP recommends broadband Internet access such as cable or DSL for software downloads using Web services and getting printer updates.

Connect the wireless network by touching the Wireless icon (you can view the wireless icon when you swipe down the Dashboard on the printer control panel). Then touch Setup, click Network Setup, click Wireless Settings and touch Wireless Setup Wizard.  Click OK once you see your network name in the available networks list.

If your network name does not display, manually type the network by touching the Enter New Network Name and follow the onscreen directives. If you are asked to enter the password, type the WEP or WPA key and touch Done. Touch OK after summary screen displays.

Install the printer driver from 123.hp.com/envy5646 to download the most current version of your printer software.  If you have any issues in downloading the printer software, then click HP Easy Start, the second file in the Downloads folder.  Follow the instructions onscreen and connect the printer.

When using Mac OS, select HP Easy Scan on the Install screen by scrolling down the list of available software.  Click Continue after the selected software installation. Carefully check and respond the setup screen till the screen Add and Verify Your Device displays.  Click Add devices in the screen. Test the connectivity of the printer by printing a Test page by clicking Print Test Page.  Finish the printer setup and start to print.