123 HP Envy 5530 Printers Installation Guide

Set up the printer hardware by following the steps given in the document before installing the printer software on your computer. The printer software is available on 123.hp.com

Remove the HP Envy 5530 Printer

  1. Initially remove the printer from the box and remove all the packing materials like tapes, stickers and cardboards.
  2. Remove any decals in the printer control panel and remove the packing materials form the scanner glass by opening the scanner lid.
  3. Remove the tapes and stickers form inside the printer and the input tray. You have to replace the output tray and push the input tray until it locks into place
  4. Check whether you have removed all the hardware materials from the package box before discarding or recycling the packing materials.

HP Envy 5530 Power cord connections

  1. The power cord has two ends. One end of the power cord should be connected to the rear of the printer and other end of the power cord should be plugged into the electrical outlet.
  2. Switch on the printer by pressing the power button. To change the preferences like language, region and date, do as given below
  3. Touch your language in the printer control panel and touch continue. Touch country/region and also set the date, time. Finish setting the preferences by confirming.

HP Envy 5530 Paper load

  1. After unpacking the printer, you have to load the plain white paper into the main tray. Pull the input tray to open and push the photo tray as far as possible
  2. Slide out the paper width guides in the input tray as far as possible and push the stack of papers inside the paper tray
  3. Slide paper back and paper width guides in. make sure you lock the tray into place to avoid paper jams.
  4. You can change the paper size, paper type settings when the Have you changed the paper? Screen displays.

123 HP Envy 5530 Cartridge installation

  1. Open the cartridge access door to install the ink cartridges. The screen displays the Door open message. Close the door completely before you print
  2. Touch the Change Ink option in the bottom right corner of the touch screen. You will be able to watch an animation for installation of new cartridges.
  3. Remove the cartridge from the package to insert it in its place. To remove the protective tape, pull the orange tab.
  4. Remove the tape carefully without touching the cartridge contacts or ink nozzles.
  5. Insert the tri-color cartridge in the left slot and black in the right slot.
  6. Use the above mentioned steps to insert other cartridges. Touch OK and the printer will calibrate and align the cartridges. The printer prints an alignment page after the alignment is complete.
  7. If the alignment page does not print, check whether you have loaded the plain paper into the tray. In the control panel touch Setup icon and touch Printer MaintenanceàAlign Printer.
  8. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen and finish the setup

123 HP Envy 5530 Printer software installation

After setting up the printer hardware , move on to the printer software installation.  You are not supposed to connect the printer to a computer until you are instructed by the HP printing software. Download the most current version of your printing software from the website http://123.hp.com