123 HP DeskJet 3632 Printer Scan to Email MAC

Initiate the HP DeskJet 3632 printer scan to email Mac, but wait! You can’t directly start the setup, go through the steps given below to finish the step and start the scan to email in your Mac computer.

The Scan to email takes place according to your printer. Affix a scan to email automatically with the printer control panel options or using the Image Capture app on the Mac in HP DeskJet 3632 printer.

Verify the requirements given below to work with the scan to email feature on your HP DeskJet 3632 printer and your computer. If you backfire in collecting the requirements, do not worry. Attach the file to an email message by saving the scan to a folder on the computer.

In majority, Apple Mail installation and setup on the computer is important for scan to email functionality. The absence of local email client will cease the scan to email function.

Web-based email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail) must be configured through your local email client to scan to them. Check your local email support site for additional information.

  • Initiate the HP DeskJet 3632 printer scan Mac and it is totally based on your printer type. As far as HP DeskJet 3632 printers are concerned, it has touch screen or LCD menu control panels, so choose your computer name from the printer scan menu. Then select Email as PDFor Email as JPEGa new email message automatically opens on the computer.

Moreover, a few Web-enabled HP printers have a Scan to Email app in the Apps menu that sends emails straight from the printer using your printer’s ePrint email address.

  • On your Mac computer, open Finder, clickGoin the top menu bar, click Applications, and then double-click Image Capture. You will get a view of the Apple Image Capture as publicized below.
  • Click your HP DeskJet 3632 printer name in the Devicesor Sharedlist, and then click Show Details at the base of the screen, if required.
  • You have to alter some of the settings that are given below immediately after the scan display preview appears.

The Scan mode alteration includes selecting the scanning bed or automatic document feeder and it is based on the location of original on the printer. In the Scan to option, select Mail.

You have to enter the name for the scan file for a precise view of your attachment for the email recipients. Choose the file category for the scan. When you pick the PDF or TIFF layout, the Combine into single document characteristic is accessible to save multiple page documents or multiple images into a single file.

  • Click Scan and a new email message automatically open with the scan attached.