HP DeskJet 1000 Printer User Manual

Utilise the user guide and manual to setup the hardware connection, control panel settings, network connectivity setup, software installation and many more settings for the HP DeskJet 1000 printer are provided here. Review the following information to know about the usage of DeskJet 1000 printer printers.

123 HP DJ 1000 Setting up the hardware

Unbox the printer from the packaging box. The packing materials such as the stickers and tapes should be removed from the printer. Recycle the printer packaging materials. Pull the paper width guide after opening the input tray. You can insert maximum sheets of paper with facing up the print side up. In case of pre-punched paper, the paper holes should be on the tray’s left side.

The paper width guide should be adjusted slightly. Pushing them tightly may result in binding against the paper. After loading A4 sheets, close the input door. Disconnect the USB cable if you have connected the printer to computer using the USB cable. Connect one end of the power cord to the rear of the printer and other end of the power cord into an electrical outlet.

Turn on your printer. Select your country/region and language on the printer control panel and select the date and time if prompted. Press OK and your HP printer hardware setup is completed successfully.


123 HP DJ 1000 Connectivity method

USB connection

While connecting to the USB connection method, the USB cable should be disconnected. On your Windows computer, choose the network connection method as USB

When the installer prompts you to connect the USB cable, connect it to your printer. Follow the steps given software installation and download the printer software easily.

Connect the USB cable to the printer and computer before the software installation and continue, if you choose the USB be connection method on your OS X

Wired network connection

To setup a wired network connection on your printer, you need to gather some of the requirements such as a network cable and many more. You will get a network address for your printer. Follow the instruction given on software installation to utilise the HP Web services and regular updates to connect the wired network.

Software Installation

The Software for HP DeskJet 1000 printer can be downloaded from the installation CD that comes with your printer. You can also download it from the web site 123.hp.com or download HP Easy Start

Download the printer software by using HP website or HP Easy Start or from your installation CD that is shipped along with the printer.

On your Windows or OS X, download the HP Easy start and go to 123.hp.com to download the printer software.

Follow the onscreen instructions and save the file on your computer. The software can be launched by running the file with an extension .exe and install it.

Download the software from hp.support.com. Enter your printer model. Select the software and driver tab and click Go. Download the full feature driver or basic driver and launch the software file from the Downloads folder.

Use the printer driver installation CD on your Windows computer. Insert the CD in the computer’s CD drive and follow the instructions that appear onscreen to install the software.