HP Connected Account

If you are using printer which supports web-connected printing services, then sign up to the HP connected account. HP connected account supports ePrint cloud printing, HP Instant Ink delivery services and HP Printer Apps. Visit www.hpconnected.com to check whether your country/region supports HP connected. Find your country/region in the drop-down menu. Read the following instructions to add a printer on HP connected.

If you have already registered with HP connected when you are setting up your printer initially, the website will contain your printer account. You can easily sign in to your  account by visiting www.hpconnected.com and click the My Printers tab.  If your printer is in the list, skip to the step 5, otherwise continue with the below steps.

  1. Requirements

Check whether the printer supports web-connected printing services and the printer is connected with an active internet connection. You will not be able to use the HP connected account if the printer does not have the following requirements.

Check whether your country/region is supported by visiting the www.hpconnected.com . Find your country/region in the drop-down menu. HP connected is not supported in your country/region, if you could not find your country/ region from the list.

Check whether your printer and computer is connected to the same wireless network. Make sure that the network is active.

  1. Switching on Web Services

Switching on the Web Services is very important as it allows you to communicate with web-connected printing services such as HP ePrint and HP Instant Ink securely over the internet. Periodic firmware updates are also required to use these web-connected printing service and the updating also needs the web services to be turned on.

  1. Printer claim code

The printer claim code is required to add your printer in the HP connected. The printer will print the Make the Most of your printer page which contains information about the Web Services and printer claim code.  The code is valid for 24 hours and repeat the  steps to get a new printer claim code. Get the printer claim code from the page and proceed with the below steps.

If you get a string of numbers and letters like ab09unfdnflk in the information page, then it is the printer claim code.

If you get an email like [email protected] in the information page, then the characters before the domain name that is the @hpeprint.com would be the printer claim code.

If you get your current HP ePrint email address  in the information page, then you have already created an HP connected account and your printer is added to the HP Connected. Skip to Step 5.

4. Adding your printer on HP connected

Visit the www.hpconnected.com to sign up or sign in. If you are creating a new account then click Sign Up otherwise click Sign In to open an existing account.

Click the Add a Printer button from the My Printers tab and type the printer claim code that you found on the information page. Then  click AddàOK. You will receive an “Invalid Code” message if you did not type the printer claim code exactly as it is shown.


If you want a customized email address for your printer which is easy for you to remember then type a customized email address when prompted and click Save.


You have to verify your newly created HP Connected account by opening the email which was sent to your email account used during the sign up process. The email is sent by the HP Connected server and follow the instruction on the mail to complete the account verification. You must check your email’s spam folder if you did not receive a verification email.

  1. Web-connected printing services setup

Set up the HP ePrint, HP Printer Apps and HP Instant Ink service based on your printer model after adding your HP connected account.

Setup your HP ePrint service and modify the setting in your HP Connected Account. Use the Allow Senders Only feature to limit the email addresses to reduce the chances of unwanted printouts.

Sign in to your HP Connected account. Find the printer you want to modify access from the My Printers tab and click Settings.  In the ePrint Access, select Allow Senders Only and click Manage Allowed Senders. Type the email address you want to allow access in the text box  and click Add.