Hp Envyphoto 7100 Printer Setup & Installation Doesn’t Have To Be Hard:

It is not as you think; now setting up your Brand new HP Envyphoto 7100 Printer is really simple. All you need to do is to install the hp printer driver from 123.hp.com/envyphoto7100 & follow the steps to get your printer fixed.


Step 1: Unbox your HP Envyphoto 7100 printer safely.

  1. Your printer is sealed with tapes and covers everywhere.
  2. Remove your printer from its box and place it over a clean space.
  3. Now unseal all the packing from it carefully.
  4. Make sure that all credentials of your printer are provided before you unseal.
  5. Then remove the cover from the printer’s control panel.
  6. Elevate the access doors of your printer to access the ink cartridge.
  7. Pull put the tapes and the supporting material from your printer.
  8. Now close the access door of the ink cartridge.
  9. Grab the paper tray out in order to fill it with required amount of paper.

Step2: Fixing your HP Envyphoto 7100 printer to the computer:

  1. On connecting your printer to the power source, proceed with the following. Remove or detach all the packing that covers the printer. Push the input tray until it stops moving.
  2. Connect the printer to power source. Turn ON the device and make preferable settings.
  3. Plug the other end of the power cord to the rear of printer and parallel end of it to the power source.
  4. Turn ON your device.
  5. Enter the preferred language, country/region on your printer control panel.
  6. Finally, approve the settings by selecting YES.
  7. If required you will have to enter the date and time.

Step 3: Starting Up With Printing:

  1. Once your ink cartridge is aligned in the printer, a test page will be printed.
  2. Place a plain letter sheet in the input tray.
  3. Pull out the input tray and the extender to place the paper.
  4. Move the paper width guides to the ends.
  5. Place the plain sheet of paper into the tray, and fix the width guides firm to the paper.
  6. Align the paper before you precede printing.
  7. Make sure that the inserted paper is not curl or bend, to avoid paper jam.

Step 4: Fixing up ink cartridges

  1. Open the access door of the ink cartridge and make sure that it is placed inside.
  2. Remove the out the cartridges from the pack and hold them by its sides.
  3. In case, you find a plastic strip covering the cartridge, peel it off.
  4. Hold it above the cartridge slot.
  5. Place the cartridge on the carriage and push it towards the slot.
  6. Make sure it is fixed firmly.
  7. Close the lid, after replacing the cartridges.
  8. Ensure that you place the black cartridge to the right and the color cartridge on the left side.
  9. Now close all the access doors of the printer.

Easy Wireless Setup for HP ENVYPHOTO 7100 Printer over Mac and Windows from 123.hp.com/envyphoto7100

This strategy is applicable for both windows and Mac devices to setup your HP Envyphoto 7100 Printer. Make sure that the printer which you use is flexible to work in wireless connectivity through local network.You can download the printer driver from 123.hp.com/envyphoto7100 or 123.hp.com/setup 7100.

Step #1: Network Connection Requirements

Make sure that the complete installation requirements are provided,

  • Network Name
  • Network Password: password or otherwise known as WEP key or WPA security passphrase.
  • A wireless connectivity enabled computer that could connect through a network.
  • Internet Approach: it is flexible to have a broadband connection.
  • Make sure you turn ON your computer and router to establish the connection over the same wireless network for your printer.

Step #2: Connect HP Envyphoto 7100 to a Wireless network

Connecting Printer on a wireless network,

  • Ensure that your printer is already switched ON.
  • Hit the wireless icon on your printer control panel.
  • Utilize the settings on the control panel screen with a gradual touch.
  • Select the wireless setup wizard and follow the onscreen instructions on your control panel.
  • Your HP Envyphoto 7100 Printer automatically connects to the wireless network.

Step #3: Download HP Envyphoto 7100 Printer Driver 

Download your printer driver from 123.hp.com/envyphoto7100 or 123.hp.com/setup 7100 and get it installed,

  • Turn ON your printer
  • In case, if your printer is connected through USB to your computer, plug out the cable.
  • Select the model of your printer under prompt instructions and follow the on-screen instructions that leads to the download page.
  • Select the model of your printer that is featured and enter the required credentials to complete the printer functionality.
  • Finally, hit the download button to download the instant driver setup.

Techniques in printing a document:

HP Envyphoto 7100 Printing With Windows:

Access your print window to adjust the print settings and for superior quality results.

Fix the text size, font, layout and appearance settings before printing.

Select the file or the menu icon and click the print settings from the app that is used to create the document.

To proceed with advance settings like layout, quality and print settings, select the printer properties, this may be differing as per the operating system.

Ensure that the settings are considered while print job from your printer.

These settings may vary according printer models,

  1. Portrait or Landscape orientation: Layout, finishing or features tab
  2. Paper tray source: paper quality source
  3. Paper type: paper size
  4. Duplex printing: layout, finishing tab à Print on both sides.

Change your paper quality and other settings with the following options

  1. Select the advanced options for better quality printouts
  2. Paper Quality Tab à color or B/W
  3. Click OK and Print options.
HP Envyphoto 7100 Printing With Mac:
  • To change the settings for print job, use the print window.
  • Change the settings as required for a good print output.
  • This could be achieved by setting the font size and style of the text, page layouts and appearance in the app.
  • Select the file and then click print option, to open the printer settings.
  • Click the details to find the list of menu
  • Select the respective printer from menu.
  • On the presets menu, choose the option that is reliable to change the print job or the paper type.
  • To select the various settings, click the unnamed menu in the middle of the window and change the proceeding settings.
  • Paper type and size: Media & Quality settings à Paper type.
  • Paper tray: Media & Quality Settings à feed from or Paper source.
  • Quality: Media & Quality settings à Print Quality.
  • Duplex Printing: Layout Menu à Two sided Printing à Pages to Print.
  • Finally, click Print and complete the printing process.

Examine Scan features on Printer Control Panel:

Make sure that your printer is installed with the required scan software, to have an uninterrupted scan function.You can download the printer driver from 123.hp.com/envyphoto7100 or 123.hp.com/setup 7100. Which indeed includes insertion of document that you wish to scan into the scan feeder and making use of the scan button on the control panel?

Inserting the Document or an Image:

Follow this step to proceed with scanning the document using your printer and to save the scanned document to your PC.
Turn ON your printer.
Select the method in which you wish to scan;

Automatic Document Feeder:? On your HP Envyphoto 7100 printer which supports the ADF by default, place the document. Make sure that the print side faces up and the edge moves into the feeder tray first. Align the paper width guides firm to the document.

Scanner Glass: Place the document with print side down on the scanner glass and make sure that you place it in the right corner of the scanner glass. Then proceed with scanning the document.

Scanning the Document to the Relevant Destination:

Once you perform any one of the above act, now proceed with the scanning option,

Select the scan option on the printer’s control panel.

Hit the computer name to save your scanned document

Choose the specific format for the scanned document and select the scan option.

The file format types are as follows;

PDF: save the document without editing

OCR: preinstalled part of the printer driver to edit documents in word program

JPEG: specific format for both documents and images

Email – PDF & JPEG: Mail your scanned document as mail attachments.